Sunday, April 19, 2009

A new baby coming!!!

This BEAUTIFUL new mama was in for a SHOCK this week....the sex of her baby got changed....THREE weeks before due date.  She already had the entire nursery set up and clothes bought and now has to find a new name!  She has been frantically changing everything....from pink to blue!!!  


Anonymous said...

I would give anything to have had pictures like this of me and my 8 children but they are treasures of my granddaughter

Linda Alexander

babyrocasmama said...

So did the baby really turn out to be a boy? Because, in my experience as an ultrasound tech, when we say it's a girl, it really is 99% of the time. It is RARE that that will change.

However, when the sex is given as a boy, it is never truly certain until the baby is born because the umbilical cord could be creating a shadow effect making us think it's a wee wee, LOL The only definite test is a CMV or Amnio, where the DNA can be examined.

I hope she didn't have to change everything for nothing!

But, WOW, are those pictures beautiful! I always wanted to get some of those done when I was pregnant, but whe never could afford it. :(