Sunday, August 10, 2008

some great, I mean wonderful.....grandchildren

Meet Mary Ellen's grandchildren...some live here and some not....they were all in last week and she got them all dressed up to take pictures....they are sooooo cute!!! Mary Ellen...the rest are coming soon!!!!

just a few more

These are the last ones I can post...I have other clients patiently, although probably anxiously awaiting some previews of their pictures......Kolbyn and Lindsey, thank you so much for having us in on your big day...your family and friends blessed us beyond.....they were great!!!

Wedding preview!!!

Since I am already getting texts and emails asking how it went and requests to see what I did this weekend, here is a sneak peek at what I got this weekend!!! I have over 1500 images to go through and decide which ones to keep and work on.....more to come!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Carlsbad Caverns

Again, these are scenic pictures and I don't do very well with them, but this is from our trip today to the Caverns...we saw the bat flight last night and that was intriguing....very interesting!!!

08/08/08--A dream come true and NEW beginnings!!!

We have made it to New Mexico!!! It is absolutely beautiful here...I will be posting pics soon, but we have spotty internet service. Our hotel is a HUGE challenge....there is not one machine that is in working order, we have had so many calls into maintenance already....

BUT, it has been wonderful...I woke up this morning...went outside and the mountains were incredible....the cool breeze (we have to wear a jacket) was so reminiscent of my young growing up years in Albuquerque....God has shown up so amazingly.....from the trip to and back home from Florida to the trip out have the dream of taking my kids to New Mexico in August come God speaking to me through a sermon and a fast...This is truly a time of new beginnings for me and my family....

Here are 2 pictures of where we are staying...I don't do well on nature type photos, so I realize they are not of much interest, but they speak to me.....

Friday, August 1, 2008

On our Way Home!!!

We are heading out early, early tomorrow (I should be in bed already)...but before we are gone from here...thought I would share what I got to do today....this is Maddox...she was so precious and she LOVED Reagan...surprise, surprise!!!  Hope you like them...I do!!!  Thanks for praying for us!!!!