Monday, October 6, 2008

CT Baptism Bash

At my church, Cross Timbers Community Church, we had a 'baptism bash' yesterday.  At our campus alone, we had over 300 people come up to be baptized....some first decisions, some that had been saved for a while and never been baptized....I got the awesome privilege of taking pictures of the whole thing...we had this HUGE backyard blow up pool and 3 and 4 people at a time were being dunked :) was AWESOME!!!  I haven't seen all the pics, but this is one I took and it was sent back to me....from the photog in charge....I LOVE it....This daddy praying for his little girl before he baptized precious!!!

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Christina's Blog said...

I have absolutely no words to explain how I felt on sunday. It was so amazing and awesome to see what God can truly when someone takes that major step of being a christian. I got baptized. I feel like God knew I needed that exactly at that moment. Thanks for being there. I want to see pics whenever you get them.